Is Jasmine Gay?

Are we still in the 1980's? What's your Problem?

Jasmine made a posting on her Instagram where we can see her together with her friend Jen:

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

But why have I only just found you ????

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jasmine Thompson (@jasminethompson) am

We can see beautiful and funny photos of both enjoying the sunny weather - THAT'S IT!

Now we can read stupid comments like:

Whaaaaat? You are gay? Wtf
You gay?
my idol lesbi :( ,my heart so sick :(

Most comments are likely from teenager. They just write down everything before they think about it.

But even if Jasmine would be gay: Is that your problem? Better question would be: Is it a problem at all?
Guys we don't live in the 1980s anymore! As long as Jasmine is happy - why don't you be happy for her too?

And if you have a problem with seeing gay people: Dude, you better take care of your own problems first before judging other people

Oh btw: NOBODY in the comments noticed Jasmine's new tattoo on her arm!
So, these are my two cent about all those strange and weird comments.
Have a great day and love everyone equally!