A Start Of A New Era


Welcome to a brand new Jasmine Thompson fansite and a brand new era. As you can see I've changed a lot here. Not only the design is new. If you read this on your mobile phone you can really feel that the new official fansite is much faster than ever before!

But no worries: nothing is lost. We still have the biggest photo gallery with tons of high quality photos from Jasmine Thompson. The JasMag is still available. Same as the massive biography or the discography with all of Jasmine's albums, EP's and songs.

But why did I made everything that simple & clean? Good question! More & more fans are using their mobile phones to check the fansite and the old version was much too big and overloaded with hundreds of scripts that needed way too much time to load.
So now you should be able to load everything very quick - even on your mobile phones and I guess you'll like that. The only script that we use is for the fan gallery. No cookies, no stats, just a simple but great & beautiful fan site of Jasmine Thompson.

Now please discover the new fan site and let me know what you think about it!